Ordinary paving paint will very quickly peel and lift leaving a unsightly patchy look to your garage floor or driveway.

At Total Surface Solutions we can offer a far superior alternative for renewing an old stained concrete floor or protecting a new one. Our coloured / tinted sealers come in a wide range of colours and as they are a sealer they penetrate into the concrete ensuring a excellent bond which will not peel.

Also when applying coloured sealers it is extremely important to prepare the surface properly.

Coloured Concrete Sealers Perth.

At TSS we undertake a thorough preparation process. Firstly we hot water pressure clean the surface to remove any surface grime , oil and grease and old paint. If after pressure cleaning there remains any paint we employ the use of a concrete floor sander to ensure a clean surface for the new sealer to bond to. Finally the whole surface is acid etched and washed down.

After the cleaning / preparation process is finished we allow the concrete to dry for at least 2 days (dependent on weather) before applying the coloured concrete sealer.

Yes a rigorous process but absolutely necessary to ensure a long lasting coating that leaves your concrete paving looking good and maintenance free.

Coloured Concrete Sealers Perth

Coloured Concrete Sealers Perth